Getting Rid of the Yellow Color in Stained Teeth

Did you ever have the experience of trying to control smiling or laughing because of your problem with stained teeth? Indeed your confidence is hampered by the yellowish color of your teeth. Because of this, your self-confidence diminishes and in worst scenario, you stay away from socialization.
Technology today had also infiltrated the field of oral health. Cosmetics are not merely to beautify the face and physique. Cosmetology is now practiced in the field of dental medicine. Because of this, the issue on stained teeth is no longer a big deal. This is a simple kind of cosmetic problem that can be resolved by uncomplicated oral procedure like teeth whitening. The cost of teeth bleaching is not really expensive. What can cost you more is problematic oral imperfection such as misaligned teeth. In fact, restoration of white teeth is sometimes easily done with home and natural remedies.

Things to know about the yellowish stained teeth

Some people have yellow teeth since the yellow tint is their natural tooth hue; a genetic condition. You can easily distinguish if the yellow color is natural or stain. If the yellowish tint is a natural color, all tooth pieces have uniform yellow shade. With stained teeth, some appear more yellowish than the others. Even if the yellow color is natural, some people still undertake cosmetic teeth whitening. You too may want to follow suit because some people who are not familiar with the naturalness of the yellow tint may think that you have some dental problems causing the yellowing of the teeth.
As the yellow color is not natural, there could be some factors that caused the tinting. A very common culprit to this tooth imperfection is smoking. The nicotine and tar in tobacco can settle in the enamel to make the teeth turn yellowish. Other causes are beverages like coffee and tea, fluoride content of the drinking water and some kinds of antibiotics like tetracycline. If you could not suppress your craving for the beverages, you can subdue their impact by immediately brushing your teeth. Sipping your beverage through a straw can prevent direct contact of the dark liquid to your teeth thus preventing the yellow hue to settle in the teeth’s enamel. Aging can also cause the change in color from white to yellow such that aged people may have yellowish teeth. The wear and tear brought about by time can make the teeth of your grandparent yellowish in color. As one grows older, the outside covering of the teeth becomes thinner thus exposing the dentin, a part that is naturally yellowish in color. Furthermore, the thin enamel is more susceptible to accumulation of dark tints from beverages.

The unsightly effect of stained teeth from smoking

stained teeth
If there is one cause that you need to totally eliminate, it is tobacco. That means – quit smoking. You do not only prevent stained teeth, you also are geared to a healthier lifestyle. Tobacco will not only discolor your teeth, this too will kill your healthy tissues in the gum area.
Preventing your teeth from staining is one great way of stopping the addictive habit. The unsightly impact of the yellow tints in your teeth that makes you withdraw from smiling is one good incentive for quitting smoking. And if you may ask, it is the nicotine in the cigarette that causes the discoloration. This is also the substance that makes you addicted to tobacco. This is also the bad substance that causes health hazards. The adverse effect of stained teeth caused by smoking could be a step forward to an illness-free living. You are now becoming more beautiful and healthier.

How to white stained teeth through specialized treatment

All the causes of yellow stains on teeth respond to whitening treatment. The most simple is just through the use of whitening gel or teeth bleacher. There are specialized procedures that can whiten more severe cases of yellowish teeth. These are dental veneers and laser or blu-ray technology which should be undertaken under well-trained dentists. Dental veneer is placing porcelain layers on the teeth and this will conceal the stains. The blu-ray technology is a procedure that combines blu-ray and hydrogen peroxide to remove the stains in the teeth. These are expensive treatment methods. But then, they are the most effective way on to how to white stained teeth.

DIY Teeth Whitening

diy-teeth-whiteningEveryone loves to have white and sparkling teeth, which would give a beautiful smile. But people think of it to be a time-consuming and tedious process and thus, back out from knowing more about it or acting towards it.

However, with these steps which can be implemented with much ease, one can have white teeth within weeks with the results starting to show up within a few days. Read on to know more about diy teeth whitening guide:

1. Frequent Brushing and Flossing
One of the best methods for maintaining oral hygiene, brushing ensures that there are no deposition of food particles that causes yellowing of teeth eventually. Also, by flossing, the plaque, which is caused by stains in the teeth are removed. This way, oral hygiene would be ensured and also, it would be your first step towards diy teeth whitening process.

2. Consumption of food containing teeth whitening properties
This is probably the most appropriate and efficient way in the diy teeth whitening guide. By consuming citric fruits, raisins and crunchy veggies, one can stimulate the saliva secretion and this plays a significant role in the whitening of teeth as it acts similar to a teeth whitening agent or bleach. Also, you can have healthy eating practices by keeping a tab over what you consume for healthy and white teeth.

3. Elimination of stains using baking soda
Baking soda has an abrasive property that scrubs off stains present in the enamel and dentine; without having any negative effects. It also neutralizes the acids secreted by bacteria existing in the mouth, which, if not neutralized leads to plaque. It is ideal to brush your teeth by smearing the toothbrush with crystals of baking soda on every alternate day to ensure maximum cleanliness, making your teeth visibly white when you smile with the method being followed by people using the diy teeth whitening guide religiously.

4. Teeth Whitening Products
There are various teeth whitening products available which, when used lead to whiter teeth and can be used at home itself. Toothpastes, tooth whitening strips etc. serve as an excellent tool in the diy teeth whitening process. Toothpastes contain materials that remove surface stains by polishing, chemical chelation and slight abrasion without having to bleach. These products come as handy and you can continue with the teeth whitening process at all times by making use of such products.

5. Consume Cheese
As per research results and studies conducted, consumption of little amounts of cheese after every meal prevent cavities and destroy germs or bacteria that cause tooth decay. Cheese is rich in calcium and this way, it provides healthy amounts of calcium and phosphate required, that play a vital role in the diy teeth whitening process.

6. Rinse teeth after every meal with water
One of the most basic and easy to perform method, rinsing teeth with water after every meal washes away the tiny particles which stick to your teeth. This eliminates most of the factors that cause stain and plaque. This is a good practice, when stuck on to, will maintain the hygiene of your teeth and would be a step ahead towards white teeth, as per the diy teeth whitening guide.

7. Usage of Hydrogen Peroxide
FGHP, or Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, when applied to the teeth and mouth prevents the growth of bacteria that cause infections or bad breath.  FHGP can be rubbed with a cotton swab on the teeth or can be applied by dipping the toothbrush in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, which when done constantly give you sparkling white teeth within a few weeks; thereby proving to be one of the well-proven steps in the diy teeth whitening guide.

This said, by implementing the above mentioned steps, one can surely have whiter and healthier teeth within a short span of time and the results would start showing up within a few days of implementation. To have sparkling white teeth without no much efforts required, follow the simple-to-do steps mentioned in the widely followed and appreciated diy teeth whitening guide.

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How to whiten teeth fast

how to whiten teeth fastThere are countless distinct solutions available and it’s extremely difficult to be able to choose the one that will work perfectly on your own. Well I’ll let you in on a little secret immediately. Very few of the teeth whitening merchandise work better than just brushing your teeth.

The Teeth ends up being less white colored with time as the mineral structure of your teeth transforms and as your teeth enamel gets more porous.  Do you really wish your teeth were a few colors whiter? Teeth normally get discolored as we grow older, but there are numerous solutions to whiten them again. Keep reading for quick whitening tips, longer-term remedies and stain prevention practices.

Teeth also can become stained by smoking cigarettes, coffee, red-colored wine as well as fluoride from tap water. If you’re feeling bothered about your teeth, you can utilize quite a few techniques on how to whiten teeth fast which includes trays, strips, pens and whitening toothpaste. If none of the procedures do the job, then you can certainly have your teeth whitened at the dentist’s clinic.

Six Useful tips on how to whiten teeth fast

  • Dip a washcloth in hydrogen-peroxide

Massage your teeth using hydrogen-peroxide. The peroxide lightens spots; the nubbiness of the wash cloth additionally assist clean them away.

  • How to Whiten teeth fast with laser whitening

Your tooth doctor will put a rubberized protection over your gums, rub a whitening cream on your teeth and set you under a laser or a shiny light. The light triggers the chemical substance in the teeth whitening gel and whitens your teeth much faster than bleaching only.

  • Consume an apple

Make use of your front teeth to bite into the apple, sinking them in virtually all the way up to your gums. This really is a superb tactic to utilize if you’re away throughout the day and require a swift solution to brighten up your smile. When you bite into an apple it genuinely brightens your teeth by lifting off the film that can make them appear discolored.

  • Floss and Brush

Brushing and flossing instantly eradicates stains that have been recently left on your teeth. Make use of a whitening toothpaste and remember to brush very well, concentrating on the front of your teeth to get rid of the main stains and film.

  • Have your teeth bleached properly

Your dental professional will place a rubber shield or shielding cream on your gums to shield them from discomfort. Then, the dental surgeon will put peroxide gel into a custom-molded tray and set the tray on your teeth.

  • Swap over to a whitening toothpaste

They’re not too strong to drastically whiten stained teeth automatically; however they can still help remove new stains by brushing them away with a mild abrasive known as silica.

Causes, Prevention, Elimination of White Spots in Stained Teeth

You may think that your teeth are flawless. Try to look closely because some stained teeth contain white undistinguishable spots. Although these white spots may not cause unsightly appearance, they can still ruin your confidence in flashing smiles. There could be some people who have eagle-sharp eyes that can locate them.
The white stains on teeth are not very visible because they could only have a shade whiter than the rest of tooth’s enamel. Nevertheless, they may still need some cosmetic concern. There are home remedies for such stained teeth but the dental procedures done by cosmetic dentists are still the best option to restore the perfect quality of your set of teeth.

Knowing the causes of white spots on stained teeth

The whiter parts of the teeth can be caused by a number of factors. Here are four common causes.
• Fluorosis – This is the most common cause of white-colored stains on the teeth. This is a dental defect most common among children. Fluorosis is actually damage on the enamel of the teeth because of excessive fluoride taken in by the child when the teeth are undergoing development.
• Excessive calcium deposits – This basically is acquired during the growth process of teeth. At this stage, calcium is excessively produced on the teeth’s enamel. There is calcium phosphate in your saliva that settles on the teeth, hardens to become plaque. The plaque which is white in color forms part of the teeth.
• Hypocalcification – This is a condition occurring when the teeth lose their minerals. White spots on the teeth are called hypoplasia. The condition is caused by disruption in the enamel formation during development stage of the teeth. These are permanent white stains on the teeth that can only be addressed by bleaching or whitening or covering with veneer or crowns.
• Braces – These are used to correct the misaligned teeth. Once aligned, these are removed and white spots occur on the place where the braces were previously installed.

You can prevent appearance of white stains on teeth

stained teeth
The appearance of white stains on teeth can be prevented if you will try to observe dental hygiene, most specifically in preventing build-up of plaques. Dental hygiene is best described as properly brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day. Try to pay your dentist a visit every six months for dental check-up. Some foods can cause these white spots and you should try to avoid them – sugary and acidic foods and drinks. Exert effort in caring for the teeth in relation to the braces that are attached to them. If you take care of the braces, the white spots that usually appear where the braces were installed will be prevented. It may sometimes be hard to determine if the white spots are indeed parts of stained teeth or are just beginning of tooth decay. The best action is to visit your dentist.

Methods on how to white stained teeth

There are different ways on how to white stained teeth and they are dependent on the cause or issue on the affected teeth. For instance, plaque or excessive calcium deposits can be addressed by teeth bleaching. This procedure will get rid of calcium deposit. Another procedure that is possible is air abrasion where your dentist will blow crystal particles on the calcium deposit. Another option for the dentist is to fill the spot to conceal the calcium deposit. In cases where simple dental cosmetic is not viable, the dentist covers the spots with veneer or cap.
You can also resort to teeth whitening procedure when you want to get rid of stained teeth and reverse them into the perfectly white and aligned pearl pieces. With dental technology, any oral problem, white stains on teeth and the like can now be resolved by oral cosmetic procedures.

Stained Teeth as Caused by Drinking Too Much of Three Beverages

A smile coming from perfectly aligned and stainless teeth radiates beauty. This should be the goal of every person – have that kind of teeth. These are pearls in the mouth and their value is very high when they are perfect. On the contrary, discolored or stained teeth can leave a very bad impression on whoever sees you smile. There are many causes of teeth stains and unknown to a lot of people, the beverages you take daily are major culprits.
Will it be very surprising to discover that you have these major causes in your pantry? These can be very tempting – more than your desire to maintain your flawless treasures in the mouth. These three top enemies, to my opinion, are all in the form of beverages that we crave for every day. People would not want to miss coffee, tea and red wine.

Stained teeth comes from drinking too much coffee

Mind you, not only Americans are addicted to caffeinated drinks; almost majority of the people around the globe are. So, you would realize that non-observance of dental hygiene can restrict the majority of individuals from flashing a full smile. Why? They have stained teeth that are very unwholesome sight.
You will find that almost every corner in your locality has coffee shops. And coffee lovers will always be induced to have a cup of the brewed drink once its aroma reaches their nostrils. The smell of the beans and the flavor are addicting albeit the dark color that can cause stain on the teeth.
It would not be surprising to find your teeth tinted with the black color which upon becoming permanent resident in your mouth turn into brown spots and stains in the teeth’s enamel. The brown tinting comes in contact more permanently because of the manner by which you drink the coffee – slow sipping of the hot liquid. This leisurely way of drinking coffee makes every tooth become covered with this dark beverage. It is still a dark one even if you have creamed your coffee and the dark pigment remains. As you have formed the addiction, drinking becomes habitual – weeks after weeks, month after months until your smile shows upper front brownish stained teeth.

Tea and how does green tea stain teeth

stained teeth
Tea could be ranked as second in the popular beverages. Taken in hot or cold, the black or brown color lingers in your mouth. Well, there are different kinds of tea and the green tea is less offensive in staining your teeth. Ordinary tea can be more staining than the green tea because the former is laden with black tea trumps that turn brown during the fermentation process. As you steep the tea leaves in hot water, these leaves are oxidized by the enzymes and the brown color is produced. If your query is – how does green tea stain teeth? Here is the answer. As for green tea, it becomes a sort of black tea when it undergoes the same fermentation process. Whether ordinary or green tea, it turns into black tea whose dark pigments will reside in your teeth once you continue to drink lots of it.
Just like anything, there are good things that also have some drawbacks. Green tea had been known for many health benefits but it can also adversely affect dental condition. Aside from causing stomach upset, frequent urination, sleeping issues it can result to stained teeth and dental plaques or tartar.

Not white stains on teeth but purple colored spots from red wine

Take an inventory of your pantry. Do you have bottles of red wine? Drinking too much of this causes stain in your teeth. If you despise the white stains on teeth, you would hate more the stains caused by red wines. They are purple-colored that will give semblance to the teeth and fangs of Dracula. The red dyes in the grape’s skin will adhere to the enamel of your teeth. Well stained teeth can have different colors – orange, brown, white or yellow and you will agree that the most despicable is the purple stain that comes from the red wine.
Now, you have the clue to the three top drinks that cause stained teeth. It does not mean that you have to totally eliminate these. You can prevent staining with right dental hygiene. When you currently have acquired those stains in your teeth, there are teeth whitening procedures that can eliminate or reverse the discoloration.

Whitening of Stained Teeth Caused by Mineral and Tobacco Deposits

Smiling with stained teeth can turn off people around you. This contradicts the common belief that a smile is the route to a great personality. Did you know that no matter how beautiful your face is, you can be rated poor personality because of your smile that shows unsightly spots in your teeth? Do not tell me that you have well-aligned and decay-free teeth. They are nothing if these teeth have yellow or white stains in them.
When you are confronted with the problem of stained teeth, the first thing that would enter your mind is cosmetic dentistry which has teeth whitening as one of its most common procedures.

Dental bleaching and stained teeth

Teeth whitening, also known as dental bleaching is a common way of eliminating the stains in the teeth – whatever the cause is. The procedure involves the simple direct application on the stained teeth of whitening gel. There are different causes of teeth staining and most of these these can be addressed by dental bleaching.
Your teeth can suffer discoloration from different things such as beverages like coffee, tea and soda, red wine, bacterial stain, drugs or tobacco. The stains can be of different color – green, white, black, yellow, brown or orange. Sometimes, discoloration can be genetic and this is usually of white stains coming from lack of calcium mineral.
Whitening your stained teeth can boost your self-esteem and self-confidence because you know that the white pearls in your mouth can make you flash your best smile. With whitening, you can reverse the many years of yellowing, browning or any staining color.

Distinguishing the stained teeth from smoking

stained teeth
One most common cause of yellow spots in the teeth comes from smoking. There is no doubt that tobacco is a health hazard but there are people who could not stop this bad habit and the consequence is the yellowish or brownish stain in their teeth and fingernails.
The two causes of the staining from tobacco or cigarettes are the nicotine and tar in these. Actually nicotine is colorless however when this is mixed with the smoker’s inhaled oxygen, it turns into yellowish color. The nicotine and tar will settle in the oral cavity, even if you brush your teeth they will finally enter the openings of the teeth’s enamel. The result is a yellowish or brownish discoloration in the enamel – the teeth’s surface.
These tobacco stains are very stubborn, difficult to remove so the remaining alternative would just to undergo dental cosmetology such as dental whitening.

Presence of white stains on teeth

There are white stains on teeth that could not be very visible. However, when you would look closely, you will recognize the spots that are whiter than the rest of normal teeth. Although this kind of stained teeth does not have a negative effect on your dental health, this is nevertheless a dental cosmetic concern.
It is also important to know the causes of the white stains on teeth, the most common happens to be fluorosis. This starts from childhood, when children have too much fluoride intake prior to the full development of their permanent teeth. White spots in the teeth can also be caused by inadequate amount of calcium mineral in the teeth. The condition is called hypocalcification and the white stains are known as hypoplasia. You can also develop these white spots when you wear dental braces.
You will find so many advertised whitening gels in the market today and they can be used for any cause of stain. You can opt for these oral products that can be your home remedy. However, the best thing to correct stained teeth is through some professional procedure which can only be done well and perfectly by a cosmetic dentist.